You Are Here

Windows to Glorious Landscapes

Figure 1. Here 5- You Are Here

Figure 2. Here 8- Google Earth tilted view

Figure 2. Here 8- Google Earth tilted view

The “You Are Here” art project is the perfect place where one can relax and reflect on their surroundings. This artwork comprises of five colorful windows and is a representation of Albuquerque’s Ventanas Ranch community. The purpose of this artwork is to make the visitor slowdown from their bustling life and appreciate the calm environment. 1

Inception and Creation

The artwork was designed and created by Rachel Stevens. The project was constructed by many groups including the Albuquerque Public Art Program, Dona Ana Community College, and New Mexico State University. The Artwork Dedication was held on April 13, 2013 at exactly 2:00p.m. 2 Rachel Stevens is a distinguished professor from New Mexico State University and is a sculpture instructor at the university. She learned ancient copper casting techniques during her extensive travels in Nepal. 3


The art project is located in the beautiful Ventanas Ranch Park in Albuquerque’s Westside. The park can be found at Universe Road near the Irving intersection. 4 It’s a fitting location because “ventana” is actually the Spanish word for “window.” Access to this location is quite difficult because of its distant location. This artwork can easily be overlooked while driving on the street if you don’t know what to look for.  


The artwork is comprised of five windows but each is distinct in appearance. They’re all made of steel and are painted in blue or green hues 5 The first window is green and the pane appears to held up by a soda can. It also has a charming bird located on the top-right of the window.

Figure 3. Here 2- Bird pirched on a window.

Figure 3. Here 2- Bird pirched on a window.

The second window is blue and has a pointed archway. It also has several window panes arranged in four rows and three columns. The third window is green and has a perfectly square frame. It also has for window panes. The fourth window is blue and is square. It’s slightly different from the previous display with its extended head portion. The last window display is green. It’s distinct from the previous with its bold and extend head portion. Each window has its own cranks and locks to open the windows but are nonfunctional.

Spatial Significance

The artwork is perfectly located in a quiet, secluded, and open environment. The colorful artwork compliments the bright green trees and the pristine blue sky. The artwork also does a good job in reflecting the harmony and tranquility of the environment. Each window is mounted on a concrete slabs which serve as seating for visitors. The windows are all arranged in a concave manner. The purpose of this design is to frame many points of view for the visitor which includes the Sandia Mountains, the park playground, or the nearby shopping center. Seating is encouraged at its base so that the visitor can observe and appreciate their surroundings. 6

Figure 4. Here 1- Concave Appearance

Figure 4. Here 1- Concave Appearance

According to the Ventana Ranch Community Park Jumper Map provided by the City of Albuquerque, the site was unrecognisable before 2013. Taken in August, 2012, the aerial photograph undoubtedly indicates that the Ventana Ranch Park didn’t exist before August 2012. The site was surrounded by dirt and shrubbery. Just imagine, many years ago this site was a vast desert landscape which was simply inaccessible to visitors. In its current state, the artwork is surrounded by the desert to the East, Universe Road to the West, and the shopping center to the South. Its current and vibrant location is drastically different from its desolate desert origins. 7

The convenient parking makes it completely accessible to view the artwork up close. A person can just step outside their vehicle and walk a short distance to view the artwork. It can also be accessed by the sidewalks emerging from the playground or neighborhoods. The playground is directly located to the right of artwork. A shopping center can be seen in the distance but isn’t too much of an interference to environment’s peacefulness.

Because of its concave arrangement, some trees block the view of the windows. The blocking trees make it difficult to fully appreciate the scope of the artwork. The same can also be said about the protruding light posts from the nearby parking lot.

Figure 5. Here 7-Trees and light post blocking the artwork

Figure 5. Here 7-Trees and light post blocking the artwork

The artwork is also situated near the entrance of the park. The noise of the approaching vehicles occasionally interrupts the tranquility of the artwork. It also makes viewing the artwork from the opposite side slightly hazardous because of the approaching vehicles. The car noise can sometimes interfere with the overall tranquility.

Figure 6. Here 3-The road entrance to the park

Figure 6. Here 3-The road entrance to the park


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